Best Motherboards for Ryzen 5 3600: Housing the Legendary CPU

As we all know, the Ryzen 5000 series is already out there. Even though they pack a lot of power and deliver superior performance, there’s always the price factor. No matter how much of a performer a CPU is, you have to be able to afford it.

If these new Ryzen CPUs seem like a bit too much to handle for your wallet, you can always look back into the previous generation. Yes, I’m talking about the legendary Ryzen 3600 CPU. This one rattled the marketplace on its launch, and it still packs a mean punch.

Now, just the CPU won’t cut it. This whole writeup is about the best motherboard for Ryzen 3600 that money can buy. Some factors do come into play here. Have no worries; I’ll guide you through it all.

Things a Motherboard Must Have for a Ryzen 3600 CPU

You just can’t push in a CPU inside the motherboard just because you feel like it. A lot of issues factor in here. If you want to use the Ryzen 3600, there are some checkboxes you need to fill out. Let’s talk in detail.

  • The AM4 Socket

Basically, all Ryzen motherboards are built with the AM4 socket. That’s the best bit about AMD compatibility. If you went with the blue team, you’d have to change motherboards every two generations due to socket incompatibility.

There are a lot of boards out there with the AM4 socket that is ready for the Ryzen 3600 CPU. However, the best compatibility depends on a few other things too.

  • Chipsets Matter

To be honest, there are multiple chipsets to choose from if you’re absolutely sure you’re gonna go with the Ryzen 3600. If budget isn’t an issue for you, you can probably go for the high-end chipset boards. Yup, I’m talking about the ones like the B550 or X570. These are the newest in the Ryzen family.

Premium boards are better suited with CPUs like the 5600x. However, they should fulfill the needs of the 3600 as well.

If you’re low on budget, you can look into B320 chipset boards too. You won’t lack much in performance. However, you will fall short on features. I’d also take the b450 chipsets into consideration. These are possibly the best budget options for the CPU in hand.

  • Thermal Performance

You’ll need proper thermal performance if you’re willing to power a CPU like the AMD Ryzen 5 3600. Make sure the board has heatsinks placed in the right places. Some even have dedicated chipset fans.

The VRM power phases play an important role as well. So, make sure the board has proper cooling for it all. M.2 Thermal guards are also a nice thing to have.

  • Consider Connectivity and Expansion

This is something many tend to overlook. Please remember, the 3600 is a CPU optimized for creators and gamers alike. There’s a high possibility that you’ll need a lot of connectivity options on the board to fully optimize its potential.

First of all, check if you have enough ports available in the motherboard. Be it display, HDMI, SATA, USB, and so on. Also, take a close look into the expansion options. A few extra PCIe and M.2 Slots are always nice to have. You know, just to make it future-proof.

Also, check if the slots and ports are of the current generation. Stuff like PCIe 4.0 and 10 Gbps USB 3 ports can make life way better.

  • Form Factor Issues

As far as form factors are concerned, I’d say it’s a personal preference thing. But it’s always a good idea to be realistic about it. The first thing to consider should be, the supported form factor of your case. If it supports full ATX boards, then you can go for that.

However, if you wanna go with something like the ASUS ROG Strix B550-I Gaming, don’t expect something absurd like additional PCIe x16 slots. You’ll just end up disappointed. Mini ITX boards are meant for minimalistic small builds.

The best way to do this is to match the board specs with your requirements keeping the form factor in mind.

The Best Motherboards for Ryzen 5 3600 Ever Built

Now that you know what a board must have to house a Ryzen 3600 CPU let’s look into the finest options out there. We’ll discuss what makes them special and what sets them apart from the competition as well. Hop in; we’re in for a long ride!

ASUS ROG Strix X570-E

When it comes to motherboards that offer superior quality and reliability, Asus takes the lead. It’s a proven fact. They’ve staunched so many top-tier and mid-range motherboards that have been awarded to be the best of the best. Now, let’s see how the ROG Strix X570-E Gaming stands out in comparison.

ASUS ROG Strix X570-E

Let’s get straight to the point here; the best bit about this board is the combination of top-notch components and a formidable aesthetic look. The appeal that it creates is simply hard to beat. Combined with the Aura Sync RGB lighting, this board will definitely enhance the glory of your PC.

The second best-selling point of this board is the next-generation connectivity that it brings to the table. The MOBO is well equipped with 2.5G ethernet connectivity, and Intel’s Wi-Fi 6This means it can really amplify your gaming experience surpassing gigabit speeds. Now that’s something worth the applaud.

As far as gaming is concerned, this one supports PCIe 4.0. How much GPU performance can you possibly throw in? Apart from that, you get pretty much the basics right where they should be. There’s the HDMI 2.0, Display ports, dual M.2 SSD slots, and of course, USC 3.2 supported type A and type C ports.

The next best part is the sheer muscle power that this board has. Digital power control, including an array of power stages, make sure that this board here can handle it all. Well empowered with the ProCool II sockets, the Strix X570-E Gaming ensures flush contact with the power lines of the PSU.

Also, the metal armor makes sure even and proper heat dissipation. So, you can feel safe with packing it with even the flagship components.

This board has the AM4 Socket. It’s ideal for both Ryzen 3000 and 5000 series processors. Be it Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7, this bad boy here should be able to handle it all. Needless to say, you’ll be able to get the most output out of your Ryzen 3600 CPU and beyond.

Even if you’re thinking of an upgrade, all you have to do is, update the BIOS, so the new Ryzen CPUs don’t cause any unwanted problems. Download the BIOS from the “Support” section of the board’s manufacturer page, set it up, and you’re good to go!

For a full-fledged ATX motherboard, this one has all that you could possibly need. The dimensions are 13.5 x 10.75 x 3.03 inches. Trust me, the MOBO will look just awesome in just about any mid-tower or full tower case.

Signature Features

  • The ASUS Aura Sync Technology makes the board’s lighting look super cool.
  • The ProCool II sockets and metal armor ensure proper safety all the way.
  • The Ethernet connectivity is very impressive with 2. 5Gbps LAN and Intel’s Gigabit Ethernet (Including ASUS’s very own LANGuard)
  • The cooling is beyond what you’d expect with an active PCH heatsink, Dual onboard M. 2 heatsinks, MOS heatsink that come with an 8mm heat pipe, and a water pump + Header.

Gigabyte X570 Gaming X

This board just has to be mentioned as we’re going through the best motherboards for Ryzen 5 3600. This board might not be too flashy, but it does what’s necessary and offers efficiency that’s hard to beat. Just like the previous one, this board too will support the 3rd and 2nd gen Ryzen processors with ease.

Gigabyte X570 Gaming X

The first thing you’ll have to notice about this board is the ultra-durable PCI-E Armor. It reinforces the PCIe slot with an innovative shielding of stainless steel. Even if you’re going to put in a super heavy GPU like the EVGA GeForce RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra Gaming, you should be just fine.

The next thing I wanna talk about is the VRM. A 10*+2 phase PWM + Lower RDS (on) MOSFETs design has been used in the X 570 Gaming X. This is pretty much ideal for even the most powerful Ryzen 3000 processors. Delivering ample power to the most power-hungry components becomes a piece of cake.

To add to it all, the enlarged heatsinks on the MOSFET improves thermal performance by a great deal. This not only increases the aesthetic value but ensures proper heat dissipation all the way. Improved 1.5mm thickness of the thermal pads are nothing to shrug off. It keeps the temps low at all times.

You’ve probably gotten the general idea by now that this board from Gigabyte focused on the protection of the components to be attached to the motherboard the most. But what about the DRAM support? Let’s talk about that a bit too.

The board ensures a tested platform where the ram can reach 4000Mhz and beyond. Just make sure the RAM you’re about to install is XMP ready. Activate the profile from the feature, and you’re ready to go!

The bios update procedure is pretty easy with this one, and yes, it will support the latest Ryzen 5000 series processors once you’ve updated it. They even included a dedicated Q-flash button so you won’t have to insert a CPU to do your work. Convenience at its finest.

That’s all there is to be said about the unique bits about the motherboard. Apart from that, you get two ultra-fast PCIe 4.0/3.0 x4 M.2 slot that comes with a single thermal protection guard. The integrated IO shield is a nice addition as well. But that’s to be expected from a board of this price range.

Signature Features

  • The MOSFET heatsinks offer thermal performance that’s both efficient and reliable.
  • The super tough PCIe armor is a really nice thing to have in this era of heavy GPUs.
  • The state-of-the-art MOSFET design ensures proper functionality for new CPUs.
  • The Q-flash button is a nice additional touch.

ASUS ROG Strix B550-F

It shouldn’t be all about the top-tier chipset motherboards. Let’s look at something mid-range yet super classy. The ASUS ROG Strix B550-F Gaming bears the ROG logo with pride and offers all that you could possibly need from a Ryzen 5 3600 motherboard. Getting curious? Let’s talk in detail.

ASUS ROG Strix B550-F

Well, this one too has the AMD AM4 socket and will support both Ryzen 3000 series and 5000 series processors.

But the main feature that makes this board special is the considerably robust power design. Top-quality alloy chokes reinforcing the twelve plus 2 DrMOS power stages, along with strong capacitors make sure the power delivery is just right for the multicore, hyperthreaded Ryzen CPUs.

Now, we all know Asus is well known for its thermal optimization features. And they hold up to their reputation by including fan-less VRM and additional heatsink to the chipset. This is optimized by the ASUS Stack Cool 3plus technology, which ensures heavy load operations run as smoothly as possible.

This board is also a sight to behold. Even more so with the exclusive Asus Aura Sync RGB lighting. It’s equipped with Gen 2 addressable RGB header for additional customization options.

Apart from that, you get the best possible audio with a SupremeFX S1220A codec bundled with DTS Sound Unbound. All this is made even sweeter with the addition of Sonic Studio III that pulls the user deeper into the gaming experience.

The Mic technology is also amped up with ASUS AI Noise canceling. You’ll be able to communicate with clarity. Minus the unwanted noise.

ROG is all about gaming and the perfect gaming experience wouldn’t be complete without some proper internet connectivity. 2.5 Gb LAN and Asus LanGuard will be at your disposal.

Speaking of connectivity, the board has support for HDMI 2.1. 4k at 60hz is very much possible now. Apart from that, there’s also a Display Port 1.2 output, two separate M.2 slots for your NVME SSDs, and of course PCIe 4.0 with 4x connectivity. USB 3.2 gen 2 is a given for a new board like this as well.

You might be aware that the 5000 series processors are fairly new. So, you might need to opt for a bios update. But after that, you’re ready to go.

Signature Features

  • The Audio (SupremeFX S1220A codec + DTS Sound Unbound) that the board offers at this price range is rather surprising.
  • The thermal performance-enhancing features deserve a thumbs-up as well.
  • The LAN connectivity and expansion slots are cutting edge and don’t disappoint.
  • Immersive Audio has been one of Asus’s strong points, and the B550-F Gaming is no exception.


This one has been regarded as one of the best budget AMD Ryzen 5 3600 motherboards ever built. MSI has simply made a board that has no apparent flaws. The board looks solid and is well built inside out. If you want bells and whistles, then you better look elsewhere as this baby here is all about efficiency.


The most prominent thing you’ll see on the motherboard is the VRM heatsink. These extended heatsinks play a big role in dissipating the heat so that the thermal readings stay normal. This has long-term impact on the performance and overall durability.

The AM4 socket on the board means CPUs like the Ryzen 5 3600 should run pretty smooth. Especially with the Core Boost technology, you’ll be able to get the maximum output from your processor. It’s basically a reserved zone that delivers power magnificently on an optimized circuit design.

This ensures precise current output to the CPU and maximizes the overall stability of the system.

There’s no point in getting yet another audio card when you’ve got something like the MSI Audio Boost on board. With a dedicated amplifier, high-quality audio capacitors, combined with an HD audio processor, you’ll be able to get one of the best onboard audio output to date.

Apart from that, all the extras are what you’d normally expect from a mid-tier board. Things like the DDR4 Boost, PCIe-Steel Armor, and the Turbo M.2 are things you’d appreciate having. The Flash Bios button is also there to make life a lot easier.

That’s pretty much all the basic details you’ll need to know about the MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX II. It’s a board that beats all the odds and offers just what you need within a reasonable price range.

Signature Features

  • The MSI Extended PWM heatsink and top-class circuitry make sure high-end CPUs run with full performance.
  • The Audio output is pretty decent with MSI Audio Boost Technology.
  • The DDR4 Boost and Turbo M.2 should come in handy in terms of memory performance.


Now, let’s talk about something that’s a bit out of the box. If you’re a fan of minimalistic builds, then you’ll just love this one! The GIGABYTE B550I AORUS PRO AX is a mini ITX board and one beast of a performer. Let’s take a deeper look into this interesting piece of hardware without further delay!


Firstly, his board has a few things covered. Small form factor, aesthetic appeal and high-performance output. The AM4 socket allows support for Ryzen 3rd gen processors, and the top-tier components make sure you can go for the high-end ones.

You won’t be getting four RAM slots in this one. However, it’s impractical to overlook the dual-channel ECC/ Non-ECC DDR4 DIMM support that it offers. 32 Gigs of RAM should be quite enough for a gaming rig and a workstation alike.

The digital VRM solution offers direct 8 phases along with a 90A SPS (Smart Power Stage). This, combined with a superior thermal design that comes with a thermal baseplate and multi-layered heatsink, the board offers optimal CPU performance for processors with multiple core counts easily.

This is ideal for a processor like the Ryzen 5 3600 with six cores and twelve threads. Overheating? Not a chance!

This tiny little monster can deliver audio that’s beyond impressive. Nichicon Audio Capacitors for the Rear 120dB SNR and Amp-Up audio with ALC1220-VB offer an audio experience like no other.

As for wireless connectivity, you get the Intel WiFi 6 802.11ax 2T2R and of course, BT5 with AORUS Antenna for a seamless online experience. Gigabyte boasts of their ultra-fast 2.5 GbE Lan that has bandwidth management. Pretty darn sweet!

Apart from this, the rest of the basic features are also nice to have. The PCIe 4.0 x16 slot can house just about any GPU on the market without any issue. There are ample connectivity options as well. That includes the two Ultra-Fast NVMe PCIe 4.0/3.0 x4 M.2 slots with thermal protection guard.

The board is RGB Fusion 2.0 supported. You can go wild with your LED and RGB LED strips and give your mini ITX PC an illuminated aesthetic appearance.

With the minimal dimensions of 8.74 x 7.44 x 3.07 inches, this will fit inside any proper case. This board proves that size doesn’t always matter.

Signature Features

  • A mini ITX board that has unbuffered dual channel ECC/ Non-ECC DDR4 DIMM support.
  • Has support for GIGABYTE RGB Fusion 2.0 for further light customization.
  • The thermal performance is just great due to the multi-layered heatsinks.
  • The Audio and ethernet connectivity is rather impressive.


We’ve been covering quite a few gaming motherboards. Why not look into something a bit more minimalistic? The GIGABYTE B450M DS3H V2, is essentially made for home users and basic builders. But that doesn’t mean you’ll fall short in performance. This board has all the basics right.


You might ask, why did I mention this one in my list of best motherboards for Ryzen 5 3600? Well, this is one of the most budget-friendly options you can possibly get out there. It has the AM4 socket, and it runs on the B450 chipset. Plus, it can handle the CPU at hand just fine.

Just like the previous one, this too supports Dual Channel Non-ECC Unbuffered DDR4 RAM. However, this one does have four slots instead of two. The VRM solution is also good if not top-notch. Low RDS (on) MOSFETs aren’t something you’d instantly shrug off.

Keep note, this one here is an M-ATX board. It might not be a full-length one, but as I said, it’s got the basic features right.  You also get the GIGABYTE Exclusive 8118 Gaming LAN that comes with Bandwidth Management.

As for Audio, the guys at Gigabyte put in high-grade audio capacitors and noise guard. The cool bit is, that this whole section has a separating LED trace path light. Looks nice really.

If you wanna know about the other connectivity features, you’ll also get the Ultra-Fast PCIe Gen3 x4 M.2 slots along with PCIe NVMe and of course, SATA mode support. That’s all you’ll probably need for a minimal Ryzen 5 setup.

Signature Features

  • One of the most budget-friendly B450 chipset boards ever.
  • The DIMM support is nice and comes with commendable connectivity features.


MSI have truly outdone themselves in recent years by offering us a number of boards that prove to be worthy contenders against the very best of the best. The MSI MPG X570 GAMING PLUS is a board that’s made to create an impression, and it sure does get the job done nicely.


The primary strong point of this board has to be the thermal performance that it brings to the table. MSI understands the cooling needs of high-performance boards. That’s exactly why we see proper cooling utilities on the X570 chipset that’s meant to handle PCIe Gen 4.0.

Handling that massive bandwidth is a tough job, and the additional fan helps to handle it properly.

Next, let’s talk about the M.2 Frozr. Even the fastest of SSDs can slow down if they heat up too much. But have no worries as thermal throttling will become a thing of the past as the M.2 SHIELD FROZR extends the heatsink of the MOBO over to the M.2 SSDs.

This ensures sustainability and maximum performance.

The next best thing about this board is the audio. Just like any other dedicated sound card, the Audio Boost 4 technology makes sure you get an uninterrupted crisp audio experience. With Nahimic, the board offers an HD audio processor, a dedicated amplifier and a set of high-quality audio capacitors.

Miss out on a proper audio experience? Not a chance!

The Core Boost feature is a huge plus as well. It makes sure that your Ryzen 5 3600 CPU gets ample current output. This is mainly because of the advanced circuitry and a dedicated reserved zone for the power delivery system.

We’ve talked about the basic features of all the other boards. So, let’s bypass all that for now. The MSI MPG X570 GAMING PLUS MOBO is as good as they come. It’s even prepared for the new generation 5000 CPUs. A good buy all in all.

Signature Features

  • Audio Boost 4 makes for an awesome audio experience.
  • The cooling system on the board for the chipset and M.2 SSDs are quite impressive.
  • Supports DDR4 memory speeds up to 4400+ MHz (OC).

ASRock B550 PRO4

ASRock’s Steel Legend motherboard gained quite the popularity at the time of launch. Let’s see how their ASRock B550 PRO4 holds up to the competition. This board uses the B550 Chipset and is AM4 ready. Which means it will support the Ryzen 5 3600 and current gen Ryzen 5000 CPUs as well.

ASRock B550 PRO4

To be frank, the board is a cut-down version of the Extreme4. I’ll explain what I mean. The 2.5 gigabit ethernet is lowered to single gigabit ethernet. Even the number of phases has been reduced. You’ll also see some major overhaul in the case of stylization.

There’s a single heatsink on the real panel. Note that it doesn’t cover the entire part. The power delivery options are all mostly situated on the left-hand side.

The DRAM slots here are pretty basic with single-sided latch designs. You do get an RGB header on the right side of the board. Just in case you want to do some LED customization.

There’s also an M.2 heatsink, but it’s not a part of the chipset heatsink. The top PCI-E slot is reinforced, however, and is a PCIe 4.0 x16 slot.

As for connectivity, you get space for a WiFi antenna, a USB 3.2 Type-A port and Type-C port. The gigabit ethernet is powered by a Realtek RTL8111H controller, and the audio jacks create a Realtek ALC1200 form design. That’s pretty much it, to be honest.

Signature Features

  • The 8-power phase design does the trick just fine.
  • The aesthetic appeal is definitely worth the praise.

Closing the Discussion

We’ve gone through 8 separate motherboards, and each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses. If you’ve read through them all, you’re now well equipped to go to the marketplace and select the best one for yourself.

You might not want the best of the best; maybe you’re looking for something basic. Even then, you’ll know which factors to consider and which ones you can overlook. I’ve shared all the info I could. Now the rest is up to you. I earnestly hope that you find the best motherboard for your Ryzen 5 3600 CPU.

With that said, let’s put a close to this one. Happy shopping!

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