12 Best ROM Sites That Are Safe and Still Working

Best ROM sites

Emulating your favorite console games on your PC is very much possible now. Apart from capable emulators, there are ROMs available for a lot of old platforms. Not just the classic ones, but most games from a generation back can be emulated if you have a good enough PC.

But to play these games, you need a safe and secure place to get the ROMs of your favorite games. I’ve hand-picked a bunch of sites that’ll help you do just that. Each of them has its own set of perks and features.

None of these are spam sites, and they will offer you exactly what they promise. So, if you’ve got your gaming gears ready, hop in! We’re gonna discuss the best ROM sites that exist on the internet.

Best ROM Sites: My Top Picks

You’ll find a lot of ROM sites out there. Some of them might cause you more pain for what you’re prepared for. That’s why I’ll guide you through the ones I’ve personally thought are reliable. Here’s the list.

1. Gamulator


This one reached the top of my list. And for a good reason. The extensive list of ROMs is just baffling. They even get updated every now and then. Plus, they have a large collection of games and emulators as well. You’ll be able to access Gamulator any time from your smartphone or computer.

Key Features

This site has fewer pop-ups and ads. The best part is, the site is very easy to use and navigate. Also, it ensures safety from unwanted viruses.

2. Retrostic


The best part about this site is the safety that it offers. It’s probably one of the safest ROM sites you’ll come across. It allows you to download games without the .exe files to prevent viruses from causing problems in your computer.

This site is specially built for retro games that were played on consoles like Atari, N64, GBA, and SNES. Apart from that, emulators are also available for download here.

Key Features

Retrostic is very easy to navigate. Searching for your favorite games seems like a breeze. Even the downloads are pretty smooth.

3. DopeROMs


DopeRoms is quite popular among the guys and gals who like to emulate their favorite console games. It’s safe and can be used on both mobile phones and computers.

Key Features

Apart from ROMs, this site also offers a huge list of games. This is the reason behind its popularity among gamers.

4. Rom Hustler

Rom Hustler

This site can be considered as one of the best Rom sites out there. The search system allows you to get a look at almost any game you type in. This site is one of the pioneers of its kind. The search mechanism allows you to look into all the consoles that have ever existed from a to z.

This makes your ROM search way more convenient. Plus, the downloads are smooth and malware-free.

Key Features

The popularity of ROM Hustler still persists in the current time. Even though it hasn’t been updated in the past few years, the collection is still worth looking at.

5. Emuparadise


The strongest part about Emuparadise is the large list of games, ROMS, and emulators. Not only that, but these guys even offer actual gaming guides. They’ve been at it since the early days when ROM sites just came to be.

Key Features

The user feedback helps you to decide on your downloads. You can feel 100% safe regarding the content you get from this website.

6. Vimm’s Lair

Vimm’s Lair

Vimm’s Lair too is one of the oldest ROM sites to date. It’s been popular with gamers for quite some time now. It was there since the year 1997. Now that’s impressive.

Key Features

All the games and emulators are sorted out in alphabetic order. So, looking for the game, ROM, or emulator of your choice is pretty easy.

7. CoolRom


If you’re looking for the latest ROMs and the coolest new games, then CoolRom is just the place for you. You can even learn how to excel in your favorite games from this website. The collection is still being added to. So, there’s little room for disappointment.

Key Features

Few ads and a user-friendly interface are the strongest features of this website. It’s one of those rare sites that go to the extent of showing screenshots of various game walkthroughs.

8. Emulator Zone

Emulator Zone

If you’re looking for Nintendo and PlayStation game ROMs in particular, then you’ve just hit the goldmine. This site offers Nintendo 64, Wiiu, Wii , Super Nintendo, Nintendo NES, , and GameCube ROMs. PSP and Xbox ROMS are also available at arm’s reach.

Key Features

If I have to recommend this site to anyone, it’d be because of its safety and ease of use.

9. CDRomance


CD Romance is definitely a site that’s worth trying out. The site keeps users updated about the upcoming game releases. Screenshots of walkthroughs are also available for you to see and check out the in-game graphics of each game.

Key Features

The site gives priority to CD and DVD games. But that much is a given from the name of the site, I guess.

10. RomsUniverse


This site is also admired for the extensive Database of ROMS that it has. The website is fairly new, but it’s rapidly growing both in reputation and collection. It has more than a hundred ROMs and above sixty emulators available. Not to mention, the numbers are still growing.

Key Features

This site has to offer online games too. Plus, it rarely bothers you with pop-ups and ads.

11. The ROM Depot

The ROM Depot

Among the best possible ROM sites, this one is perhaps one of the safest ones that you’ll find. There’s absolutely no chance for you to come across malicious links, ads, and harmful pop-ups. If you were a fan of Atari, Microsoft MSX, Gameboy, Philips, Sega Genesis, and other classic consoles, you’d learn to love this site.

Key Features

The site has a collection that can match with the ones with the ROM sites with the biggest databases. However, that’s not the best part. The strength of the ROM depot lies in the platform versatility that it offers.

12. PortalRoms


This website has a whopping number of 10k ROMs and can be used in three different languages. Finding the right ROM for yourself becomes super easy here.

Key Features

Some ads do appear while you’re downloading the files, but the files are completely virus-free. So, go ahead, give it a shot!

Emulating the End

The list of ROM sites can make it a bit hard to choose. That’s exactly why I mentioned the reason for each site is unique in its own way. So, if you’re willing to get the ROMs that you want, there’s no point in waiting. Hope this article helped you in finding the best ROM site for yourself.

Until next time!

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