Can You Play 3DS Games on Switch: Is the Struggle Worth it?

Wanting to play old console games on a new device is pretty common. To be honest, I perfectly understand what you’re going through. However, it’s not really feasible to do so. Unless the console offers backward compatibility, there’s no easy way to do it.

But, can the Switch play 3DS games? That’s a mystery we’re about to solve in this one. Read on if you really want to know the answer.

The Compatibility Issue

On a basic note, it’s pretty much impractical to play 3DS games on a Nintendo Switch. These are two different devices entirely. Nintendo didn’t offer backward compatibility in the Switch. And that stands for both physical and digital copies of the games.

3DS use dual screens

Let’s explore the reasons, shall we?

  • Dual Screen Issue

Well, the 3DS uses dual screens. At the same time, the Switch has only one. To interact and actually play games on the 3DS, you need to use both screens. Emulating that on a single screen of the Nintendo Switch is a really tough job.

  • Cartridge Size

The cartridges of both the consoles are totally different in size and shape. You just can’t make one work on the other. Same goes for digital copies, sadly. The most you can do is, transfer the funds from one console to the other.

The Way Around

To be honest, playing 3DS games on the Switch isn’t absolutely impossible. But you have to do something out of the box to actually manage to do it.

If you manage to Jailbreak your Switch, you’ll be able to emulate 3DS games using third party software. This really isn’t an easy task, and the overall experience probably won’t be as pleasant.


Let’s answer a few questions that are related to the topic at hand. These might actually prove to be helpful.

Can the 3DS connect to the Switch?

Yes, it’s possible to connect to the Nintendo Switch with a 3DS. This especially proves to be helpful in transferring funds and save files in relevant games.

If you’re familiar with titles like Monster Hunter Generations, you’ll be glad to know that the saved progress can be continued in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate of the Nintendo Switch.

Will 3DS games come to Switch?

Well, so far, Nintendo has kept their mouth shut about this one. But the company does have records of re=-releasing old titles on new consoles. So, it’s best to keep your fingers crossed in this little expectation.

Switching to the End

I’m really sorry to be the bearer of bad news here. But Nintendo didn’t even go as far as offering an adapter for the 3DS to the switch. If you really want to play 3DS games on the switch, it’s gonna be tough.

It’s easier to play Nintendo titles on the PC at the current time, to be honest. Anyways I believe I’ve wrapped up the discussion and have given a clear answer. Hope the info was helpful. Bye for now!

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