The 10 Best RGB Keyboards For 2022

Best RGB keyboard

Just like all computer hardware and accessories, keyboards have also gone through a long course of evolution. I mean, even if you look into keyboards that were in the market a decade ago, they didn’t look like the CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 RAPIDFIRE.

It’s not that hard to notice the massive changes in the design, utility, and construction from what we were used to before. Mechanical RGB keyboards are the best things you can get for yourself at this point.

But the best RGB keyboards out there have multiple variants. Even if you want to go for a cheap RGB keyboard, you’ll have to know about a few facts. But have no fear, I’ve already done the research to give you a good glimpse of the best ones out there. So, stop sitting around! Follow my lead.

What is an RGB Keyboard?

Defining an RGB Keyboard is pretty simple. It’s a computer keyboard that can change the colors of various areas in a variety of different patterns. If there wasn’t more to it, I wouldn’t bother writing this article, now would I?

What is an RGB Keyboard

An RGB keyboard mechanical is actually an advanced form of its basic membrane predecessors. It has LED-backlit features that generate custom RGB colors and millions of potential hues. Modern RGB keyboards can pull off the color game with separate patterns of lighting as well.

These patterns can illuminate separate keys in separate sequences. Something like the ripple and rainbow effects is appreciated by many.

These RGB keyboards can be linked to a specific application to react to it accordingly. This increases the PC usage or immersion experience overall.

Note: Don’t confuse an RGB keyboard with a regular backlit keyboard. It has the capacity to do more than illuminate the letters on each key. It’s also different from a multi-colored keyboard that has a pre-defined program for each set of key’s backlit.

Versatility is the primary attraction of an RGB keyboard. It can illuminate each key with 16.8 million color variations. These variations can be controlled with software and lighting systems like Corsair ICUE and Razer Chroma.

What Makes an RGB Mechanical Keyboard Special?

Yeah, just getting a good keyboard from a selected best list is easy. But wouldn’t you wanna know what an RGB Keyboard is and what makes it special? I think there’s a lot to talk about in this regard. You’ll find multiple guides if you look into it. However, I’ll try to simplify things step by step.

  • Immersive Lighting

You’ll find that most RGB mechanical keyboards come with per key lighting (The good ones at least). Not only that, the large spectrum of Red Green and Blue multiplies into 16.8 million colors. You’ll never run out of colors to choose from.

If you’re into aesthetics, you’ll be able to customize your keyboard in any way you want. From ripple effects to rainbow animations, everything will be at your fingertips. Some keyboard’s lighting even reacts to particular games.

The lighting effect can play a huge role in the immersive experience of modern-day computing. Needless to say, working in dark rooms won’t ever be a problem again. You’ll even be able to use custom lighting to see only the keys you need to see. The possibilities are endless.

  • Adaptive Light Synchronization

The light sync technologies are probably one of the most amazing features you’ll get in RGB gaming gear. An aurora of lights can be synced between RGB compatible gaming hardware through dedicated apps like the Corsair ICUE.

This can create a distinct lighting effect for your whole system. Just imagine pressing a key on your keyboard and seeing the automated changes take place in your whole RGB setup.

  • Superior Construction

Needless to say, RGB mechanical keyboards have unmatched build quality. Starting from the keycaps to the aluminum frame bodies, you’ll be able to see massive improvements from basic plastic membrane keyboards.

These things are built to last and some switches even offer 100 million keystrokes. Professional grade RGB keyboards are built with not only aesthetics, but considerable durability in mind.

  • Individual Key Switches

I think the fundamental difference between a basic membrane keyboard and a full on RGB mechanical keyboard lies in the key switches. Mechanical keys (Be it RGB or non -RGB) use individual switches that have distinct qualities.

Let’s take into consideration the basic Cherry MX lineup.

If someone wants the tactile feedback and clicky sound, they should probably look for the blue switches. Then again, there are those who prefer the tactile feedback only and find the noise a bit too annoying. The Cherry MX browns are the best possible options in this case.

As far as personal preferences go, mechanical keyboards are the best possible solutions there are.

The Best RGB Mechanical Keyboards in Town

As I’ve said before, there are a lot of RGB keyboards to choose from. And choosing the best RGB mechanical keyboard for yourself can be tricky. Some can be very promising in some areas, whereas some can be downright disappointing. Fear not! I’ll guide you through the best possible ones.

So, keep your typing fingers ready; we’re in for a long ride!

SteelSeries Apex Pro

From the makers of legendary accessories like the SteelSeries Sensei comes a keyboard that grabs the show with flying colors! Yes, I’m talking about the SteelSeries Apex Pro. From aesthetic finesse to an unmatched build, this keyboard here has it all.

SteelSeries Apex Pro

If you’re into sensitivity customization, then be prepared to be awed. The OmniPoint adjustable switches allow users to customize the actuation point. I mean, that’s just insane! You can pick any distance from between 0.4 millimeter to 3.6 millimeter depending on your gaming need.

With a 0.7 second response time, there’s no way you’ll find any kind of delay. You’ll be able to slip through the tightest of corners within the most sensitive moments.

Also, if you’re worried about durability, the Apex Pro won’t let you down. I mean, 100 million keypresses are no laughing matter. Speaking of longevity, this baby here is built with Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that’ll last a lifetime without flinching.

The keyboard also comes with an OLED display. You won’t have to tab out of a program anymore as the keyboard itself will show you the necessary details. Of course, needless to say, the keyboard has RGB lighting that gives almost endless customizable options.

Don’t even get me started on the multimedia keys. The way they’re organized are super impressive and they work like a charm too. I mean, what do you expect from the guys who’ve been in the gaming industry for over 15 years?

It’s super easy to change the volume, skip, pause, rewind and more! All that can be done with simply the touch of a button.

If you’re like me, you’ll love to keep some additional cable routing options. This one offers three-way cable routing options that make sure the long cable doesn’t ever come in the way of your computing experience.

I really appreciated the USB passthrough port. Though that much is expected at this price point. It saves the hassle of plugging a necessary USB accessory way behind the back I/O of the PC.

Palm support is really necessary if you’re planning on using your desktop for a long period of time. The Apex Pro got that bit covered with a premium magnetic wrist rest. It’s ergonomic, easy on the wrists and offers full palm support. Neat eh? With the dimensions of 5.5 x 17.2 x 1.6 inches and weight of 2.14 pounds, this keyboard really doesn’t seem bulky. All the right stuff put into a minimalistic structure. Now that’s what I call style.


  • The keypress feedback is just awesome.
  • 5 on board profiles are great to have.
  • The USB pass-through and great cable management system comes in handy.
  • The per key RGB lighting is brilliant.


  • The switches are reported to be spongy by some.
  • The OLED screen adds title and can be annoying.

Corsair K100 Gaming Keyboard

Corsair keyboards have been at the top of their game for a long time. And the k100 proves that they still are. This keyboard appears to be by far the best that Corsair has to offer. This one has a super refined design that looks practically flawless. Crafting it with aluminum frame makes it super durable too.

Corsair K100

The build quality is solid and the keyboard weighs around 3 pounds. It might be a bit on the heavy side, but that much is expected from a keyboard that has it all.

This one climbed its way to the top-tier RGB keyboard list with it’s awesome lighting features that impress. Per key RGB lighting is something that’s really efficient for more versatile programming. This one offers that along with the 44 zone three sided RGB light edge technology.

Like all the good ones the Corsair K100 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard comes with Cherry MX switches. However, these aren’t just your basic switches. The CHERRY MX SPEED Silver key switches offer super-fast response with a minimal actuation distance of 1.2mm!

If you’re into fast paced competitive gameplay, then look no further! You’re already looking at the best there is.

The keyboard also offers some awesome macro controls. There’re six dedicated macro keys on the side of the keyboard. These keys are fully programmable with complex macros to give you the edge in gaming. Use the ICUE software for to do your special mappings.

Also, if you want to put in some special streaming commands, you can do it with the Elgato Stream Deck software.

Speaking of software, Corsair went to the next level of customization with their very own ICUE application. You can take full control over backlighting, control wheel programmability and media jogging. Performing custom actions in game and other applications was never this easy.

The K100 is powered by Corsair AXON Hyper-Processing Technology. Get the most advanced gaming experience 4x faster. This beast has native 4,000Hz hyper-polling along with a whopping 4,000Hz key scanning. All this, with the additional lighting effects up to 20-layers. A 100 million keystroke guarantee proves how well built this keyboard is. Reliability and efficiency wrapped up with a bit of style!


  • The extra macro buttons are pretty cool.
  • The ICUE control wheel is really efficient.
  • The wrist rest is pretty comfortable.
  • The USB passthrough is very much appreciated.


  • The keyboard is very expensive.

Logitech G910

If you share the similar notion of “Play to win” like Logitech, then the G910 might just be the perfect one for you. Loaded with features, this gaming gear proved itself to be more than a worthy contender in our list of best RGB keyboards.

Logitech G910

This keyboard is equipped with Romer-G tactile switches. These promise quiet operation with precise mechanical performance. You’ll be able to feel a distinct bump with every press. Plus, the durability is top-notch. I mean hey, this is Logitech we’re talking about.

As for the backlit performance, the G910 is using Logitech’s very own Lightsync RGB technology. This allows per key lighting and you can choose from approximately 16.8 million colors. With different modes, you’ll be able to experience various animations or jaw dropping in game lighting effects.

You also get 9 programmable G-Keys. These prove to be useful for those who prefer macros and specific in-app commands. You can use the software to easily set up and manage the profiles.

Many suffer from the lack of anti-ghosting in their basic keyboards, but with the Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum’s 113 key anti ghosting, you’ll never miss an input. No matter how complex it is. These guys brought to the table anti-ghosting protection for each single key! Kudos to Logitech for that!

We all get tired of finger oils and abrasion at some point. This keyboard actually fights all that with UV-coated keycaps. I don’t know about you, but I found this to be a lifesaver. The well-designed palm rest helps to keep your hands in a more comfortable position.

To add to it all, the adjustable feet should help you to adapt to your specific hand size. Be it some intensive gaming session, or a long day typing routine, this keyboard has got your back.

Remember the Romer-G switches I talked about? These have a 1.5 mm actuation that makes input reception faster. 25% faster than the existing competition to be exact. Logitech boasts of it’s 70 million keystroke guarantee. Now that’s some commendable durability! The final little addition that I liked was the inclusion of the well-placed media keys. The dedicated media controls allow users to play, pause and mute media on the go. Not to mention, the volume controlling roller bar is a really nice thing to have. You can even program it to skip scenes with a single touch.


  • The customizable lighting is very appealing.
  • The pricing is very good.
  • The clicky sound isn’t annoying.
  • The design looks modern and impressive.


  • Has a plastic feel to it.
  • Cherry MX keys would have been better

Razer BlackWidow Elite

When Razer says “Elite” they really do mean it. With the ultimate promise of perfection, this keyboard makes zero compromises when it comes to speed and accuracy. This one (Just like every other Razer keyboard) uses its own mechanical key switches.

Razer BlackWidow Elite

There’re three variants to choose from: Razer green, orange and yellow. Each have their own specific feedback and performance features. So, you can pick any one that suits your preference.

This particular model is equipped with the orange switches. Which means you’ll get a tactile feedback along with a much quieter click. With the minimum force requirement of 45g, this keyboard is ideal for gaming and typing alike.

Now comes the personalization features. The ever-popular Razer Chroma technology has to offer the ultimate immersive gaming experience. This has full compatibility with popular games, along with Razer hardware, the Philips Hue technology, and above 30 other partners.

Just like the previous keyboards that we discussed, the BlackWidow Elite comes with individual backlit keys that can be customized with 16.8 million individual colors. The color customization can be don’t thoroughly with the Razer Synapse software. It’s cloud-based. So, abandon fear of losing your configs.

Ever wondered how it would feel to have every single key to be remapped with various complex commands? Well, the Razer Hypershift feature allows just that! It’s even possible to add secondary functions with each key. Allowing the activation of macros while keeping the base keys intact.

With all the awesome features, Razer didn’t forget to keep the comfort factors in mind. A properly placed wrist rest can go a long way. The Razer BlackWidow Elite has an ergonomic magnetic wrist rest. Plus, it’s made of plush leather to maximize comfort.

If you’re worried about the durability, then wash away all your worries. The keys offer over 80 million clicks. And the keyboard itself is made with a military-grade metal top plate.

As for the size, the keyboard has dimensions of 6.5 x 17.65 x 1.67 inches. The weight is approximately 3.7 pounds. Not too heavy, but you can’t call it lightweight either. The keyboard also comes with cable routing options. It’s really nice to see the desc clutter-free. The included USB and audio pass through help to keep the whole deal neat and clean. Is there really a lot more a person can ask for?


  • Super solid construction and sturdy build.
  • Loaded with awesome features.
  • The razer switches are great to have.
  • The hand rest is removable.


  • The USB passthrough could have been USB 3.0.
  • Additional Macro keys would have been nice.

Razer Huntsman V2

Here we have yet another one from Razer. This does have quite a few similarities with the BlackWidow Elite. Especially in terms of appearance. However, it has its own set of features that separate it from the rest.

Razer Huntsman V2

The Huntsman V2 is an analog optical gaming keyboard. Apart from it’s cutting edge design, this thing is built to last. The keyboard uses doubleshot PBT keycaps. These are actually harder and way more durable than ABS. The labels won’t ever fade and the you can say goodbye to the wearing down issue.

All this is offered thanks to the Razer’s special doubleshot moulding process.

The Huntsman V2 introduces a new dimension of control. The keyboard can actually detect the exact amount of light going through the switch stem. This allows the Razer Analog Optical switches to detect exactly how far a key is pressed. Restricted to a traditional binary input? Never again!

Speaking of actuation, with a variable range of 1.5 mm to 3.6 mm, you can take your pick using the Razer Synapse software. Take advantage of any height you prefer with ease. Customization was never this easy.

There’s actually more to talk about the analog input of the keyboard. It offers finer movement control. The further you push, the faster you go, or the steeper your turn gets. This much is offered through the thumb stick like intuitive keys. This is just darn amazing if you ask me.

These switches can even two actions in one single keypress. What it does is, it cuts down the number of inputs needed. This results in a far cleaner and quicker input all the way.

Now, let’s talk a bit about the lighting. The per key 16.8 million color customization is a given for a keyboard like this. But wait, there’s more. It’s packed with a suite of effects that allows you to sync with the rest of your gears and 150 integrated games for a superior immersive experience.

The under glow that this keyboard has is just awesome to look at.

Thu usual play, pause, and skip buttons are integrated in this keyboard too. 4 dedicated media keys along with a dedicated knob is there to adjust volume or brightness on the fly. Convenience is key. And Razer acknowledges that. That’s why they didn’t miss out on the tiny details like an USB passthrough that can come in real handy. Plus, the soft cushioned magnetic wrist rest is there for pressure relief. Your wrists won’t feel uncomfortable even after hours of gaming.


  • No questions about the overall performance.
  • The improved wrist pad increases comfort.
  • The build quality is superb.
  • The actuation features are an absolute treat.


  • The keys feel a bit stiff to some.
  • Overpriced to be honest.

Logitech G915 TKL

If you think this one is a cheap RGB keyboard knockoff, you’re very wrong. The simple design and the small form factor reminds me a lot of the Razer BlackWidow TE V2. Small in size, yet awesome in performance. Logitech nailed it yet again with the G915 TKL.

Let’s find out more!

Logitech G915 TKL

This keyboard might be ten key less, but it isn’t any less of a keyboard. If you ask me, small form factors have multiple benefits. Be it saving space, portability or maneuverability, these bad boys are way better than their bulky big brothers. The 368mm width of this keyboard seems just right!

Not to mention, this keyboard is wireless. You won’t have to be worrying about dangling wires and a messy desktop anymore. The Lightspeed wireless technology is able to achieve a super-fast 1ms response time. Plus, you always have the option to go wired with the USB cable.

Charge and play simultaneously without any worries.

One thing I just have to mention about the G915 TKL is the unbelievably thin design that it has. The refined finish and the durability of the keyboard is definitely top class. The overall formation of the keyboard paves the way for future generation RGB gaming keyboards to follow.

As for the switches, you get three variants to choose from. These low-profile GL mechanical switches give you the tactile feedback, performance, speed, and accuracy of traditional switches at half the height. The GL tactile switch in this one provides a slight bump so that you can be sure of the actuation.

And as for the lighting, Logitech uses their Lightsync RGB technology offering 16.8 million colors to choose from straight off the bat. You’ll never go out of style with various animations and presets to choose from. The immersive experience that this keyboard offers is no joke.

You’ll gain complete control over the lighting effects with the Logitech G-Hub software. Color customization, macro-control, fine-tune gear settings, connection to additional apps like Discord, OBS, and oh so much more will be right at your fingertips.

If you want to get the ultimate wireless gaming setup, you can bundle the keyboard with Logitech’s own set of awesome peripherals. Take a look at the G935 and G903 to get the ultimate experience that every gamer deserves. Logitech claims the G915 TKL to be a top of the line gaming gear and they don’t seem to be kidding in any way. In my book, it checks all the boxes there are for being the Best RGB keyboard.


  • Great combination of a slim and sturdy build.
  • The design is worth praising.
  • Zero compromises for the TKL formfactor.
  • The battery life is impressive.


  • There are no additional G keys.
  • A USB passthrough would have been nice.


Since we’re talking about TKL keyboards, it’d be simply a crime to leave out the CORSAIR K70 RGB TKL. This one is the champion series edition. Which means, it has been tested and approved by top E-Sport professionals. This awesome gear here can lead you to victory with its pro-grade features and perks.


This keyboard too is powered by the Corsair AXON hyper-processing technology. It transmits inputs up to eight times faster than the stereotypical gaming keyboard. Also, the 8,000 Hz hyper-polling puts the shiny cherry on top.

Just like the K100 that we discussed before, the K70 RGB TKL uses the Cherry MX Speed Silver Key switches. With an unbelievably small 1.2mm actuation distance and lightning-fast response time, this gaming keyboard is optimal for those who need the extra advantage in competitive gaming.

Plus, these switches guarantee 100 million keystrokes. Impressed yet? We’re just getting started!

If you’re interested in RGB keycaps, you’ll know that there are a lot of variants out there. However, this one uses a precision molded keycap set. Corsair calls them the PBT Double-Shot keycaps. These are built to resist wear, damage, fading and shine.

Note: the thickness is 1.5 mm and ensures rigid stability for a long long time.

This keyboard has a dedicated tournament mode switch. For serious gaming sessions, you can turn it on to disable accidental macro activations and swap to static backlighting. This allows you to always keep your eyes on the prize like a true champion.

The super-strong aluminum frame of this keyboard is fully programmable for RGB lighting. The dynamic per key RGB lighting feature is perfect for those who want to carry the colors of their team to victory. Creating your own distinct lighting effects shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Just like all TKL keyboards, this one consumes very little space and offers optimal portability. With the dimensions of 14.17 x 6.46 x 1.57 inches and the weight of a mere 1.98 pounds, you can carry it just about anywhere. Plus, the detachable USB Type-C cable makes things a lot easier. Corsair’s primary focus has always been on the best possible design and flawless engineering. Their class still stands and outshines the competition in many ways. The CORSAIR K70 RGB TKL’s design and appearance proves that statement.


  • Really great to have media keys on a TKL form factor keyboard.
  • The USB-C cable is detachable.
  • Super compact design.
  • A physical tournament mode switch is just awesome to have.


  • The 8000Hz is a bit overboard for a keyboard.

Corsair K95

Corsair’s K95 has always been a legend for enthusiasts and gamers alike. The design and functionality have only evolved over time. Now we see before us the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum. As a premium keyboard, it excels in build quality and performance alike. Lightyears ahead of the basic RGB keyboard.

Corsair K95

The Aircraft grade aluminum frame is something you wouldn’t expect. But hey, it’s Corsair we’re talking about here and they love to go way above and beyond with their construction. The brushed aluminum frame is very much capable of withstanding a lifetime of hardcore gaming.

You should know, the keyboard is 18.3 x 6.7 x 1.4 inches in dimensions and is a bit on the heavy side. 2.92 pounds isn’t something I’d preferably call lightweight. But I really don’t think you’d be carrying around too much since it’s a full-length keyboard with additional macros. So, we’re good.

Since this whole writeup is about RGB keyboards, and gamers have learned to love them so much over the years, let’s see what this keyboard has to offer in that area.

The main attraction of this keyboard is probably the per key multicolor backlighting with light edge. Adjusting each key’s color and illumination becomes super easy with the customizable software options.

Plus, the addition of the nineteen zones on the top edge light bar, you can really see some dramatic and sophisticated light animations.

This particular keyboard uses the Cherry MX speed mechanical switches. These are extremely fast and have an actuation distance of only 1.2 mm. If you’re aware of the gold contact of the Cherry MX switches, then you really won’t have any complaints about the durability.

As I mentioned before, this awesome little gadget comes with six dedicated GF keys for additional macros 100% anti ghosting and NKRO are something I really appreciated as well. A big round of applause to Corsair for going the extra mile for gamers.

The HID report rate is 1000 Hz. It’s not really bad, but we’ve seen better. Oh, and before I forget, if you’re into tactile feedback, this keyboard comes with Cherry MX brown switches too.

There’s an 8mb dedicated profile storage in each Corsair K95 RGB Platinum keyboards. This allows access to up to three separate custom profiles on the go. The coolest bit is, the profiles are independent of any external software control. They call it “Platinum” for a reason!


  • The media and shortcut keys come in real handy.
  • The 8mb profile storage is nice to have.
  • The aluminum build is top notch.
  • The reversible wrist wrest is a nice addition.


  • No audio pass throughs were included.
  • The rubber palm wrest isn’t for everyone.

Razer BlackWidow V3

While looking for the best possible RGB keyboard, it’s not really necessary to look for only the premium ones. There are a lot of mid-tier or high-end options that can suit your needs just fine. The Razer BlackWidow V3 might just be one of them.

Razer BlackWidow V3

I’ve told you guys before, razer moved away from Cherry MX a long time ago. This particular variant of the Razer BlackWidow is using the Razer Yellow mechanical switches that have been designed by Razer themselves. Just like the best Corsair Keyboards, this one too has the actuation point at only 1.2mm.

Although yellow switches don’t have a tactile feedback, I wouldn’t call it a bad thing. Especially if you prefer silent operation, then this is just the thing for you. These smooth switches have sound dampeners to reduce the noise even further.

This keyboard also uses the Razer Chroma technology that we all know and love. This offers the best possible personalization and gaming immersion so your overall experience remains seamless. The guys at Razer probably made the best use of 16.8 million color lighting ever.

Just like the Elite Keyboard, this also syncs with compatible Razer hardware, popular game titles, Philips Hue, and 30+ other partners. No problems with compatibility here.

The BlackWidow V3 uses Doubleshot ABS keycaps that are crafted with a special molding process ensuring the labels never wear off. If you’re into constant spamming (It’s okay many of us are), you’ll be glad to know of the extra thick walls on the caps. These increase durability to great extents.

The comfort of the wrists is ensured by an ergonomic wrist rest that’s made of plush leather. If you’re planning to extend your gaming sessions, go ahead. Your palms will remain comfy and well-rested.

Dedicated media keys also make life a lot easier. I really liked the volume roller. IT’s super convenient and can be used to change the brightness too. The keyboard itself is designed with grooves to make sure the cables can be neatly tucked and fed out from any direction. This big boy has the dimensions of 17.76 x 9.66 x 1.66 inches and weighs around 2.8 pounds. It won’t consume too much space on your desk and can be maneuvered with ease.


  • The switches are light and are very responsive.
  • The RGB customization is very promising.
  • All keys have macro programmability.
  • Build quality is solid.


  • The spacebar is noisy and can get annoying.
  • The low pre-travel distance can cause typos.

Corsair K60

Let’s end this list with something nice and simplistic. This one must be the most affordable one so far. Just because it’s a cheap RGB keyboard doesn’t make it not worth buying. Even the mid to low end keyboards that Corsair makes are well built and nicely designed.

Corsair K60

The K60 RGB Pro SE offers more than the contemporaries within the price point and excels in overall quality. Its sturdy Aluminum frame with black anodization is more than enough to give off a sleek and modern look. Corsair boasts on its years of battle-ready durability.

The purely German crafted Cherry Voila mechanical switches have been used in this particular keyboard. These offer lightning fast inputs that are precise, and a smooth linear travel.

Unlike Razer’s usual double shot ABS, this keyboard uses precision-molded PBT double-shot coating on the keycaps. The caps have a standard bottom row layout that resists wear, fading and shine. 1.5 mm thickness of material gives the whole array of keycaps rigid stability.

When it comes to colors and lighting, the possibilities are limitless with the K60 RGB Pro SE. Illuminating the desktop with per key RGB lighting actually seems fun this time around. The effects are enhanced by the key switches that have a super bright under glow. This is something you need to see for yourself.

The well-programmed ICUE software engineered by Corsair is there to give you full control over the lighting effects. Dynamic RGB controls, macro programming, and key remaps will seem way easier than before. You’ll be able to enjoy full light sync features with compatible ICUE hardware as well.

The RGB lighting also reacts to compatible game titles if the ICUE software is installed. How cool is that?

With the keyboard, you also get a magnetic detachable palm rest. The soft-textured leatherette keeps the strain off the wrists and keeps the palms cushioned. Breezing through multiple hours of gaming becomes very much possible with this awesome little addition. You can actually call the shots in games as beauty and brawn collide in the Corsair K60 RGB Pro SE. Fulfilling all the basic needs a computer enthusiast can have and more. I would have loved to see some additional media keys in this one. But I guess that’s too much to ask from a budget RGB keyboard.


  • The keycaps are very durable and easy to clean.
  • Great bang for the buck.
  • Looks and feels premium.
  • The wrist rest is detachable.


  • The Cherry Viola makes an echoey noise.
  • Key wobbles can be noticed.

The Dominating RGB Lighting Systems

We’ve talked about various lighting systems in our best list. But which one would be best suited for your RGB keyboard lighting? The debate can go on forever. But let’s take a glimpse at each one individually.

Razer Chroma

The Razer Chroma lighting is basically controlled and customized by the Razer Synapse Device configurator. It’s mostly cloud based and very easy to operate.

To see the full potential of the Razer Chroma ecosystem, you might want to connect the chroma modules on Synapse, use the Chroma SDK used by game developers and apps, and finally get the third-party hardware to hook up with the chroma lighting.

Razer Chroma can offer up to 16.8 million colors. But for full ecosystem color patterns you’ll just get a standard number of colors to be honest.

Corsair ICUE

This lighting system is still evolving if not perfected as of yet. This one has a wide range of compatibility. Including Corsair RAM, CPU coolers, mice, keyboards, headset stands, mousepads, fans and power supplies. The 16.8 million color customization in all these separate gears is no laughing matter.

Per key customization on the keyboards are a given and you’ll be able to customize complex macros with the software easily. The in-game lighting effects in popular games including Far Cry 5 is something Corsair boasts of. And yes, you can share custom presets with ease.

Logitech Lightsync

This technology is available for Logitech’s mice, keyboards, speakers and headsets. Logitech proudly says that their Lightsync can adapt with up to 300+ games to offer the ultimate immersive experience. The software supports macros via the Logitech G-Hub software as well.

Just like all the other lighting systems, you get per key 16.8 million color customizations. So, what makes this particularly special? Well, Logitech might seem pretty basic with the whole RGB lighting expertise at this point. However, the illumination patterns are quite easy to understand.

Plus, the software interface is very user-friendly.

SteelSeries Prism Sync

This technology is sort of SteelSeries specific and supports SteelSeries mice, keyboards, headphones, and speakers. But they’re compatible with a select few MSI monitors as well. The spectrum of 16.8 million colors is also available here.

The primary weakness of this lighting system is that, it doesn’t allow you to configure and share your per-game custom RGB gaming profiles. If you still want to get this feature, you might have to set up the Engine App separately.

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Finishing it With Red Green and Blue

If you’ve gone through the entire article, you’ve probably understood by now that the concept of the very best RGB keyboard relies on a lot of things. It’s not by far limited only to the lighting features. Keyboards are crucial peripherals when it comes to proper computing/ gaming.

Starting from key switches to software support, everything matters. I know it’s not easy to judge by brand value only. I’ve already laid out the best possible options I deemed worthy for you. But still, you can do your own bit of research. Just see the features that made my 10 keyboards so special.

You’ll definitely get a clear idea. I hope you get the very best one for yourself. So, no point in waiting around. Get your clicky fingers up and ready for an amazing shopping experience.

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