Why is My Mouse Flickering and How Do I Fix the Problem?

Why is my mouse flickering

Normally, our mouse pointers should remain a solid, steady, and an immovable thing on our computer screens. Commonly, you’ll notice an arrow pointing to the place your mouse cursor is at.

Otherwise, you’ll find a vertical line whenever you’re dealing with a document. Well, if you’re dealing with a healthy mouse that is.

Whenever you see your mouse cursor blinking, you have one of three problems (most probably). For example, you might have problems with your mouse driver.

Secondly, there might be a problem with your cursor blink rate. People might have set it too high.

Lastly, you might have problems with your graphics or video drivers as well. Whatever the case is, there ARE easy fixes to mouse cursor blinking problems in windows 10. This is what I’ll discuss in my article on the topic. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Why Is My Mouse Cursor Flickering Rapidly?

Yes… yes… I’ve already listed three reasons (out of many, mind you!) in the intro. However, these things require a bit of in-depth diving. This is what we’ll do in the following segment of this article.

Mouse Driver May be At Fault for the Flickering

Mouse driver fault flickering

Now, don’t go imagining “End-of-the-world” scenario for your PC in this case. The cause is simpler than you think. Like I said, you might have a problem with your mouse driver. Sometimes, vendors sell us older products from previous stock. We need to install and update the mouse driver on schedule.

However, man is a forgetful creature. We tend to forget updating the tiny firmware that comes with our mouses. Most of the times, the “Auto Update” thing isn’t turned on (and for the good, believe me).

Thanks to this, the older version of mouse software keeps on running. Windows 10 loves to keep itself updated. The OS will quickly outgrow your mouse driver. In other words, the two will be incompatible.

Hence, you might face problems like slow mouse speed, mouse cursor flickering, cursor slowly moving away from the screen in one direction (although you left it alone) etc.

Your Video Driver May be the Culprit

Video driver update

The second reason you might end up with a non-responsive mouse is the fact that your video drivers are out of date. It might seem similar to the first cause, it isn’t. Believe me. If your NVIDIA or Ryzen Graphics Card’s driver is out-of-date, your mouse cursor won’t respond, screen will freeze, give you BSOD etc.

I’ve seen people going to the respective website(s) of the driver(s) and end up installing the wrong one as well. This further sets your PC and mouse back in terms of performance. Believe it or not, there’s an easy solution to this “Update” problem. We’ll talk about it when we get there.

Working with a Pre-set Cursor Blinking Rate? This Could be a Problem

Have you checked your cursor blink rate recently? I mean, most of us don’t check the “Control Panel” and “Mouse” sections. That’s why we tend to work with the default cursor blinking rate. Most of the times, it is higher than what we expect. Hence, our mouse cursors flicker on windows 10.

Some mouse drivers push the cursor blinking rate to “High” as well. This creates a host of problems including mouse cursor flickering and it becoming non-responsive altogether.

Other Reasons that May Cause You Some Issues

Along with these things, you’ll find a few other reasons why your mouse cursor behaves abnormally. Let’s gloss over these things in a jiffy, shall we?

  • Widows Explorer might hang up thanks to excessive programs running in the background. This might cause your mouse cursor to go on a tirade as well.
  • I’ve read on forums that HP Simple Pass causes mouse cursor flickering as well. This is rare. But it DOES happen in some cases.
  • Microsoft Windows 10 comes with a Biometric system. Sometimes the system conflicts with our drivers. This, in turn… causes malfunctions, flickering mouse cursors, and more issues.
  • Sometimes, third-party software like Antiviruses, CPU and GPU monitoring software, game add-ons etc. cause mouse to flicker and behave abnormally.

Fixing mouse Cursor Flickering in Windows 10

Fixing mouse cursor flickering in windows 10

I believe you’ve got your answer to “Why is My Mouse Cursor Flickering,” eh? It’s time to fix it. That’s what we’re gonna do in this segment. Bear in mind, not every solution is a “Perfect Fit” for you. Rather, apply these ticks and solutions depending on the type of problem you’re facing. Let’s jump in!

Fixing Windows Explorer

This little program helps windows 10 to keep things in order. You’ll need to restart file explorer (or windows explorer) to keep your mouse cursor in order. Just follow the steps below.

  • Firstly, do a right click on your task bar. After that, go to task manager.
  • You’ll see a list of programs currently running on your PC. Find windows explorer on the list, do a right click and select “End Task.”
  • Now, click the file menu on top. Select “Run New Task.”
  • This is where you’ll have to type explorer.exe and then hit “Okay.”

This should resolve mouse cursor flickering in your windows 10. If it doesn’t, there are always better solution. Skip on ahead.

Keep Your Keyboard and Mouse Drivers Updated

One way of ensuring that your mouse doesn’t flicker is by running the latest drivers on pc. Also, replace faulty mouse driver or the mouse itself if you need to. While you’re at it, make sure to check on your keyboard drivers as well. Keeping them up to date won’t hurt you.

Brands like Corsair, Razor Viper Mini, Logitech, and others have their own software. You can keep it running in the background. When it’s time to upgrade the driver, it will do so automatically. Make sure to keep the software running whenever you turn on your pc.

For people who don’t use a reputed brand out there, there’s a way to update your mouse driver. Just follow the steps below:

  • Click Windows Logo Key and X at once. You’ll find settings in your PC.
  • Next, find “Device Manager.” Click on it.
  • Under the drop-down tree, find mice and other pointing devices. Do a right click and select update drivers.
  • Then, restarting pc is your next bet. Hopefully, mouse cursor won’t blink anymore.

Keep Your Video Drivers Updated!

As I said earlier, keeping your video drivers updated is a great way of avoiding cursor flickering as well. You’ll have to go through manufacturer’s website to get the latest version in play. However, if you’re using PC for the first time and aren’t quite well-versed in using it, there’s an alternative.

  • You’ll need to download and install “Smart Driver Care” on your pc. Don’t worry, this thing is super compatible with all the windows OS including windows 10.
  • Next, scan your pc. Make sure to turn “Find and Update Drivers” on. It will take care of business without your intervention.
  • If you’re running the OS for a long time, you’ll find a chunky list of all the missing or old drivers. You’ll need to hit “Update All.” Just sit back and relax as the software fixes everything.

At the very end, make sure to do a quick restart. This will most likely solve mouse flickering problem.

Stopping Biometrics Should Work!

It’s rare but people experience mouse cursor flickering thanks to biometric system as well. Especially those who have a device paired up with the pc. Disconnecting the device and discontinuing the service is rather easy. Just follow the steps below:

  • Press Windows and X key together. The device manager dialogue box should open up.
  • There, see if you find Biometric Devices. Double click to expand it further.
  • Right click on it and choose “Disable Option.” This will stop the device from accessing biometrics.
  • Restart the PC to complete the process.

The Problem is Persisting? Disable Your Anti-Virus Software

Sometimes, things happen right under our noses. You may wonder all day, “Why is My Mouse Flickering?” And it might be your good ol’ antivirus software that’s bugging out. Some antivirus software prevent other legit software from running in the background. They don’t sit well with others.

The solution is to disable or uninstall them. Branded Antiviruses are easy to shut down. Users will find detailed information on how to do it on the website of the brand. However, if you’re willing to turn off the default version of windows 10 security, follow the steps below:

  • First, navigate to Start > Settings > Update and Security on Windows 10.
  • Find out where “Widows Security” is and then click on virus and threat protection.
  • The next thing to do is heading to Manage Settings and turning off real-time protection.

Change Your Mouse

Sometimes, the best way to counter mouse flickering on windows 10 is to change your device. If you’re using a mouse for 2 or 3 years, it might be the ideal time to switch to a new one. Logitech, Razor, and Corsair are some good brands to look into.

If you’re a gamer, you need a special type of device, believe me. The best gaming mouse for pc is the one with variable dpi settings. The range depends on how much price you pour into it. I’d go for anywhere between 400 (good for FPS games) to 3200 dpi.

My Last Two Cents

Flickering mouse might not sound too big of a problem overall… but trust me, it is. If you don’t control it correctly, this annoying malfunction can lead other programs or the mouse (in worst case scenario) with a serious problem. The device can randomly stop. You might experience disruptions as well.

At the last stage of the problem, your mouse will stop working altogether. Hence, it’s better to take precautions and look at tiny problems beforehand. Hopefully, my tips and tricks will help you in tackling most of the issues. If not, it’s time to switch your device in favor of a better one.

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