About Us

4 Dimension is a Digital Marketing firm whose mission is to bridge the gap in knowledge between the source and readers with a reliable source of information. While a large portion of marketing firms choose to sell products for their own gain, 4 Dimension’s policy of transparency sets them apart from the rest of the pack.

XYOLogic has been introduced by 4 Dimension as their subsidiary project which has an identity of its own. Characterized by a dedicated team who work on other 4 Dimension projects from time to time, the XYOLogic project is composed of experience, knowledge and fresh approaches to existing problems under one leadership banner.

Our Purpose

Apart from the broad mission of reducing the knowledge gap, our purpose as a company is to educate the netizens about their curiosity. That can be about certain products, practices or skill development queries.

XYOLogic is one such project that keeps the prime focus on MS Excel so that individuals who are in need of quick or detailed Excel knowledge for their office, research or any other needs. We have experienced veterans with certifications who would provide the most authentic & straightforward solution to each of the challenges.

A Reliable Source of Info

As mentioned earlier, 4 Dimension promotes providing information that’s been drawn from a reliable source. Which means, our technical writers and experts are always testing out the solutions to check that they function perfectly before presenting them before the readers.

The IT team also leaves some footprint with the latest PC hardware and gadget updates as well as reviews for the tech-savvy readers. It would also be a refreshing break from scrolling through all the Excel articles on XYOLogic website.

As regular readers, you can start from zero knowledge in Excel and come out with professional proficiency should you choose to follow our tutorials. Our service is completely free of cost and comes bearing the banner of “skill & knowledge above all”.

Our Team

As our 4 Dimension team contains a large number of writers, editors, creative directors and content developers, XYOLogic only has access to a portion of that resource. In this section, the XYOLogic team is brought forward to the readers to gain an insight into their personal lives and interests.

Jabed Hasan



Jabed Hasan is the founder of 4 Dimension and Editor-in-Chief for the XYOLogic project. Jabed has always been the leader who could inspire the rest into following him to the newest ventures and met with success at most ends.

As a young entrepreneur, Jabed faced many challenges in the past 10 years and 4 Dimension is the outcome of that hard-earned success. Tying innovation with experience, Jabed’s latest venture with XYOLogic aspires to carry the torch of accomplishment for the company.

With experiences drawn from his time in London, Jabed translated that knowledge and ethics into his work. A father of only one child, Jabed is an avid sports follower and runs to the field at the first chance of each vacation.

Samin Yasar Nafi

Technical Content CreatorSamin Yasar Nafi

Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin

Samin Yasar is a graduate from the English department with a knack for the latest technology in the contemporary world. His writing expertise along with interest has placed him in the most optimum spot that adds great value to 4 Dimension.

In the XYOLogic project, Samin’s keen observation and deep understanding of MS Excel is the driving force that’s carrying the momentum forward. Finding out unique & easy solutions to complex problems is Samin’s speciality that the company cherishes at every corner.

To stay connected with his inner self, Samin practices martial arts in his free hours and writes poetry that is often touching to the soul. His performances in theaters are merely the visual reflection of the creative mind he possesses within.

Nafiur Ahmed

Lead Writer and Content CreatorNafiur-Ahmed


Nafiur is an English Literature postgraduate who has been an integral part of 4 Dimension writer’s team for a longer period of time. For his research work, he was obligated to take Excel courses and applied them to process data collected first-hand.

With Jabed’s vision and Samin’s knowledge to back him up, Nafiur has formulated a model through which the XYOLogic team would be able to share video content of every excel solution. Such a visual method of learning shows that 4 Dimension always aspires to be relevant to the ever changing world.

During Nafiur’s free time, he prefers to contribute to the society by performing various social work activities and is seeking a degree in the field of Sociology to make his devotion fruitful for the underprivileged communities.

Brad Smith

IT & Computer ExpertBrad Smith

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

Brad is the tech-genius of 4 Dimension with vast knowledge in the field of PC hardware and gadgets. He not only knows about them, but also has the understanding of where the market might be heading in the coming few years.

Born and brought up in a family that has always been familiar with technology, Brad’s childhood memories contain all sorts of consoles and modern appliances of the time. His passion for tech led him to earn his academic degree in IT.

As he runs his own IT solutions firm now who provide hardware support to the clients, he contributes to 4 Dimension and XYOLogic projects as their IT expert from his drive of helping people out.

Arif Muhammud Ahsan

HR and Social Media ManagerArif Muhammud Ahsan

Facebook, Linkedin

Arif is one of the most sociable and approachable individuals who have a natural talent to interact and communicate with people. He knows how to handle specific people at certain situations and make the most profitable outcome from it for all parties.

This is one of the main reasons 4 Dimension has Arif onboard the XYOLogic team, apart from his management skills for the social media department. Whether it’s a logistical issue or paperwork, the staff always runs to Arif before even googling for the solution.

During his leisure time, Arif participates in online gaming and practices gardening as a method of detoxification that rejuvenates his strength for a fresh start to the day.